Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Two Albums Sell Different Numbers of Copies

Music industry experts reacted today with shock to the news that two albums, released around the same time have sold different numbers of copies.

One of the albums was recorded by a slim blonde woman while the other by a more curvaceous dark-haired woman. An industry specialist said "This clearly shows that a larger number of people have bought one of these albums than the other. We infer from that that either one of the women is a more talented singer, has a better marketing department or may have produced an album with more appealing cover artwork".

Fans of one of the women reacted with delight, saying that the numbers show how popular this woman's music is. Meanwhile fans of the other woman expressed disappointment that she had not managed to sell as many copies of her album as the other woman, despite releasing the albums around the same time.

Other musicians were quick to respond to the news with one saying he was very happy for one of the women but certain that the other would continue working in the industry. An industry executive said he was delighted for one of the women and hoped to work with her in the future.

Public reaction, add your comments:

Of course I am gutted, but I remain hopeful that she will bounce back and reverse this trend the next time she releases an album around the same time as someone else. - Bernard Timlicker, cat-owner and fan of one of the women.

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