Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cameron: Darling "Should Focus on Economy, Not Eyebrows"

David Cameron has criticised the chancellor for what he claims is a "total lack of focus" on Britain's pending economic crisis. The leader of the opposition received rousing cheers during Prime Minister's question time when he suggested Mr Darling was more focused on grooming his infamously dark eyebrows than he was on providing real help to those worst affected by the economic downturn.

Darling was quick to play down the issue demanding to know why Mr Cameron had done so little to help the public simply because his party wasn't in power and hates the poor.

At a hastily-organised press conference after the showdown Darling admitted he has his eyebrows shaped and tweezered fortnightly by a professional stylist. However he insisted that he has not allowed this regime to get in the way of addressing taxpayers concerns about the nation's rising debt levels.

Cameron meanwhile remained on the offensive claiming "That man's eyebrows could be the only thing that survives the recession" and calling for the chancellor to resign and "take his eyebrows with him".

The furore, nick-named "eyebrowgate" by the tabloids, looks set to dominate front pages over the weekend. A petition has already been started on the Downing Street website by concerned members of the public calling for Mr Darling's eyebrows to be auctioned off for the nation's benefit.

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