Sunday, 4 January 2009

Genuinely Famous Person To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother

Media outlets were in disarray last night after the shock announcement that someone who a large number of people have actually heard of is to appear in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother. A spokesperson for Channel Four explained "This could really set the cat among the pigeons. We expect hundreds of people will tune in to find out how the usual run of Z-listers and wannabees deal with the presence of someone who still has a career."

Past "celebrities" included a man who was once poked in the eye by Noel Edmonds, a woman from the same part of Cardiff as Charlotte Church and a mechanic who once repaired a car for Terry Wogan's chauffeur. The latest contestant to be announced however has actually been on TV several times including in a show where she played one of the main characters.

On the stock markets search engine shares were under-performers as analysts suggested there could be a fall-off in the need to look reality show participants up to figure out who in hell they were.